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Blue Moon Blend

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What is it?

Previously known as Tennyson's Choice, this coffee is a delicate blend of 3 beautiful and unique beans. Nicaraguan Flores del Cafe, a coffee exclusively produced by Women as part of Project Women's Fund, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Colombian Palermo. They are 3 show stooping coffees blended together to create something very special. 

Who is it for?

If you like great coffee but also want to support even greater women this could be the brew for you. 70% of this blend is Nicaraguan Flores del Cafe, giving the blend its fruity and creamy tones, while giving the women in the coffee world our love and support. Colombian Palermo adding a citrusy nutty feel and Ethiopian for floral and vanilla notes. This is a beautiful afternoon/evening coffee, to invigorate and excite.

What Tony says... 

Typically a blend is remembered for being slightly darker or more acidic, but the delicate flavours from these three coffees work so wonderfully. I think the roast profile and the blending of these beans together is something very different and beautiful and one I'm rather proud of.


Blend; Nicaraguan Flores del Cafe, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Colombian Palermo.

Roast; Medium/Light

Tasting Notes; A bright, light citrusy coffee, with notes of tropical fruits and a creamy finish. Lots of fruity and floral notes with a sweet vanilla undertone. 

Previously known as Tennyson's Choice, this blend is a delicate, fresh and invigorating coffee. 


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