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Monsoon Malabar

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What is it?

One of India's best loved coffees, Monsoon Malabar, is an exceptionally smooth bean with a sweet but spicy kick. The 'Monsoon' name is derived from the exposure the harvested bean has to the wind and monsoon rain of the Indian Malabar coast, one of the wettest regions of India.  

Who is it for?

A perfect breakfast coffee. Its bold taste will kickstart your day and your taste buds. Expect an earthy, nutty, slightly spicy flavour and to be craving a second cup. 

Tony says ...

This coffee has been a customer favourite for many years and one of the first coffees we decided to roast and supply when we set up our roastery in 2006. I love working with monsooned coffees because of their backstories and bold flavours.  


Origin; India Chickmagalur, Mangaluru

Roast; Medium/Dark

Altitude; 1000 to 1600m

Varietals; Malabar AA and various others

Process; Unwashed

Tasting Notes; Dark chocolatey aroma with mild mixed spices and a nutty after tone, with a heavy pungent body. cedarwood and tobacco notes with a low acidity. 




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