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What is it? 

Milano is our expertly blended Italian inspired coffee. We took our love for Milan and its coffee shops and put it in a bag. Inspired by the many trips the Koffy team has taken to coffee trade shows in Milan this product was born. 

Who is it for? 

This bold brew makes you feel like your on holidays with its mouth-watering aroma and intense taste. Its not for the faint hearted with its smokey flavours and bold body. If you like a powerful but smooth and sweet kick this coffee is for you. Now close your eyes, sip and imagine your all continental.

Tony says...

I love a short sharp coffee, something small that packs a high powered punch. I love the bright acidity and dark syrupy texture of this coffee and in my opinion should only be used for espresso.

Roast; Dark

Varietals; Red Catuai, Monsson Malabar and Yellow Catuai 

Tasting Notes; Smokey, Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar. A bold body with a brown sugar sweetness and a bright acidity.



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