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Koffy House Blend Espresso

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What is it? 

What is it? surely you must know! Why its Koffys Signature House Blend. The first roast created by Koffy and still  one of our most loved blends. A chocolatey, nutty, smooth cup. A beautiful blend of 4 beans, a coffee shop favourite with a roast profile perfected since Koffy was born.

Who is it for?

This is a versatile coffee, it makes a mean espresso and a smooth aeropress and everything in-between.  Its a Koffy lovers coffee, an all day coffee and really damn nice cup of coffee. 

Tony says...

This was the first blend we ever created here at Koffy. The nostalgia, the smell, the taste ...  It's just right. And after all these years its still one of my favourites. 

Blend;  Indonesian Sumatra, Colombian La Manuela, Ethiopian & Brazilian Mundo Novo.

Roast; Medium/Dark

Tasting Notes; A full bodied creamy cup, with a medium acidity, soft smooth notes of milk chocolate, stone fruits and slightly nutty after tones. A smooth rich coffee experience.  


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