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Espresso One

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What is it?

This is our favourite blend for espresso based drinks. A rich fruity coffeewith medium acidity and a medium to dark roast. Its an expertly blended roasts based on our arabica speciality beans and a roast profile thats been perfected over 10 years by our master roaster Tony.

Who is it for?

This is most definitely an espresso drinkers blend. Pair with some steamed milk for some extra smoothness and sweetness.

Tony says ...

Im usually a black coffee drinker, americanos every morning, but a dash of steamed milk and a sprinkle of brown sugar is my favourite way to enjoy espresso one. 


Blend; Brazilian Mundo Novo, Colombian La Manuela & Indonesian Sumatra

Roast; Medium/Dark

Tasting Notes; A smooth rich coffee, with medium acidity and slightly fruity notes. 



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