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Colombian Espresso

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What is it?

Colombian Espresso is a big hit here in Koffy, being one of our best sellers for years.  The medium to dark roast profile on this bean favours it to espressos but also tastes great through aeropress. The smooth syrupy brew coats the mouth for full bodied feel. 

Who is it for? 

This is the perfect all day coffee, an espresso based kick in the morning, an afternoon aeropress or evening pour over. Its full bodied flavour, sweet caramel like notes and citrusy acidity will delight any coffee lover. Add steamed milk for a more mellow espresso experience and see how the notes change to chocolate. 

Tony says...

Typically I roast this coffee for espresso as I think that is where it shines but it just so happens to taste bloody amazing any which way. Which is why its one of our best sellers and has been for the last number of years. It has all the familiarities of a blend but the more delicate and specific tastes of a single origin. If you don't know what you like in terms of coffee this could be the best bean to try.  

Origin; Various regions in Colombia 

Roast; Medium/Dark

Altitude; 1500-1900m

Varietals; Various

Process; Washed

Tasting Notes; A full bodied coffee with a mellow citrus acidity. Strong notes of sweet caramel, red grapes and nuts.



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