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El Salvador Bourbon

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What is it?

This red bourbon El Salvador is a full bodied cup to behold. A juicy coffee with a light bright taste. What gives this coffee its full bodied taste and natural sweetness is the way in which its been grown. Almost all Salvadoran coffees are shade grown, shade grown coffee doesn't just benefit the ecosystem and soil but benefits the bean too. Because shade coffee is slower to ripen, it often provides a more complex taste and is more flavourful than other coffees. The slower ripening process also adds to the mature, almost honey like sweetness.

Who is it for?

Its most likely for you. The versatility of this bean will win over any coffee lover, with its full bodied flavour, mild acidity and sweet notes it tends to be a crowd pleaser, like many Central American coffees. And if sustainability is your thing this could be the coffee for you as it contributes to the ecosystem, is pesticide free and improves soil quality for coffee crops and other native plants and animals around.

Tony says ...

Its always exciting working with something sustainable and to see the market make way for it, I like to source shade grown when possible because its a great system to support but also because it produces some of the best coffees.   


Origin; San José La Majada, El Salvador 

Roast; Medium

Altitude; 1100 - 1350m 

Varietals; Pacas, Caturra, Catimor, Bourbon

Process; Washed

Tasting Notes; A juicy coffee with a medium to strong body, notes of milk chocolate, walnuts and berries, with a light, bright acidity with an almost honey like sweetness.



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