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Brazilian Yellow Catuai

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What is it?

Creamy and heavy coffee with refined citric acidity. The Catuai variety is very popular in Brazil and has been available on the market for the last four decades, making it a worldwide favourite. The Catuai is a  cross between Mundo Novo and Caturra a celebration of hybrid plants. This is a medium bodied coffee, touched with a hint of cardamom and caramel, with a smooth, sweet and slightly dry finish.  This bean is harvested before the coffee cherry is fully ripe (still yellow before ripening to red) which is what gives it its drier, sharper and brighter notes. 

Who is it for?

If you like a black morning coffee or even espresso this is a great option. The refined citrus acidity and mellow sweetness makes this coffee a general crowd pleaser. It makes for shaper brighter coffee when served black but paired with something sweet or even just milk brings out this beans smoother side. 

Tony says...

Usually I would never add sugar to a coffee but on the days I have Yellow Catuai I have a few sprinkles of brown sugar in my espresso and it blows the flavours up. I love to compare the red and yellow Catuai also to see how the harvesting of the bean affects the overall flavour.

Origin; Sul De Minas Brazil Roast; Medium

Altitude; 1200m

Varietals; Yellow Catuai

Process; Washed

Tasting Notes; Green grapes, refined citrus and mellow caramel

Strong bodied with a dry, soft sweetness and medium acidity 


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