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Brazilian Red Catuai

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What is it?

Brazilian red catuai beans are valued for its high yield, great reliable quality and outstanding cupping scores. As a cup of coffee it is celebrated for its medium body with medium acidity, touched with a smooth and sweet finish. 

Who is it for?

If you are a 'candy coffee' drinker, meaning you go for all the milky, sweet, syrupy drinks this could be a great coffee for you. its natural sweetness and mild acidity is refreshing for those who don't rejoice in acidic or bitter coffee flavours. 

What Tony says...

I think this coffee tastes best on a medium style roast, to really bring out the sweeter notes and to highlight the extraction of the flavours depending on the brewing method. Red catuai has been growing in popularity with our customers since we started roasting and supplying it, its a diverse and complex bean that is reliable and consistent.


Origin; Sul De Minas, Brazil

Roast; Medium 

Altitude; 800m - 1120m

Varietals; Red Catuai

Process; Natural

Tasting Notes;  Juicy soft fruity with chocolatey hints, a honey like sweetness almond nutty notes and a warm spice feeling.



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