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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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What is it?

Yirga Chefe - a area of southern Ethiopia elevated between 1,880 and 1,919 meters above sea level. Its volcanic soil aids the growth of some of the worlds finest aribica coffees. It is a bright and zesty bean with floral, tea-like notes. Yirgacheffe coffee always recieves high cupping scores and lots of praise for its light fruity and flowery flavours. 

Who is it for? 

If a clean, vibrant, light and bright bean is your thing and you don't like strong coffee flavours then this is a coffee for you. If your on the hunt for a finer, high quality, zesty coffee experience then look no further, you've found your indulging treat.

What tony says...

I would always recommend this coffee to those who are adventurous with their flavours and appreciate the many dynamics coffee actually has. I would always tell people never to add any milk or sugars or syrups with this coffee, nothing to alter its taste and to really appreciate the full flavours it has to offer. 


Origin; Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia 

Roast; Medium 

Altitude; 1600m-2000m 

Varietal; Heirloom 

Process; Washed 

Tasting Notes; Delicate notes of lemon grass and lemon zest, white grape and raspberry. 

A mellow coffee with a medium body and a bright acidity and soft delicate sweetness. 



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