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Shelbourne Blend

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What is it? 

Shelbourne Blend is a well balanced blend of three outstanding coffee's

  • Red Bourbon El Salvador 
  • Indian Cherry AA
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 

Shelbourne blend celebrates these beans beautifully. Making a well balanced and smooth brew

Who is it for?

If you are on the hunt for a smooth blend then this bag is for you. Well balanced but robust this coffee is so sweet and smooth and pairs beautifully with milk. Slight sweetness from the El Salvador, brightness from the Yirgacheffe and warm spice and strength from the Indian Cherry AA. If you like a milky coffee this is worth a try.

Tony says ... 

I never drink milky coffees but when Shelbourne is in the hopper I cannot resist. Although beautiful in my usual americano there is something special about this blend with milk. Almost too easy to drink you'll find yourself going for cup after cup after cup.


Blend: El Salvador Red Bourbon, Indian Cherry AA and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 

Roast: Medium roast profile 


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