Santa Elena Jumay Guatemalam Coffee

Santa Elena Jumay Guatemalam Coffee

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Cup Profile

A delicious chocolaty strong body with a touch of caramel; good acidity and nice apple notes. Very well balanced.


This outstanding coffee comes from the slopes of the inactive Jumay Volcano. The volcano has a height of 2176 meters and is the highest one in the eastern part of the country. This place has excellent conditions for the coffee production. Although it is a very dry region, the mineral and sandy soil gives the beans a strong and special flavour.

The "Finca Santa Elena Jumay" is located at an altitude of 1500-1800 meters. The farm owners are Mr Roberto Gossmann and his family. The coffee grows 100% under the shade of gravileas and chalum trees and is 100% sundried and milled in a mill in Santa Rosa.

Country Guatemala
Importer Rehm & Co., Berlin
Region Jalapa/ Santa Rosa
Varieties Catuai, Pache Colis, Bourbon
Bean Size SHB EP, screen 16
Harvest January to May
Preparation Washed
Soil Type Arcilloarenoso
Altitude 1500 to 1800m
Roasting Season
March to July
500g (Extra Large Bag)