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Rwandan Bourbon Coffee - 2kgs (4 bags)

Rwandan Bourbon Coffee - 2kgs (4 bags)

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In Rwanda’s Northern Provence at 2,500 meters, on the road leading to the Virunga Mountains and the country’s famous Gorillas, there exist areas of not only stunning natural beauty, but also of cooperatives of farmers producing some of the world’s truly finest coffee.

The region of Rulindo has quite a unique mixture of microclimates even by Rwanda standards. The whole region is still producing coffee into mid- November, while the rest of the
country finishes production by August. In this region of Rulindo sits Buliza. At relatively high altitudes, it receives warm average day temperatures (27 C - 29 C) and low average evening temperatures (14 C – 16 C). It is these conditions that help slow the development of sugars in coffee cherries during crucial growing stages.

Grown by 363 small holder farmers who were paid a living wage to cultivate our new Rwanda Coffees. In 2013 the farmers began planting coffee seedlings with the first crop produced in 2016 cupping at between 86 - 90 with the creamy body, good acidity and sweet strawberry flavours. Now 4 years later and after that exceptional first harvest the coffee is being prepared for export still cupping at between 86 – 90.

After each harvest these hard-working women go straight back to their fields, each the size of a rugby pitch and on a 38-degree slope to mulch, fertilise and prepare the land for the next year’s harvest. The sheer level of hard work and commitment involved in growing coffee cannot be underestimated, and it is this hard labour that has resulted in the community being able to build a school and a health centre that will benefit the entire community. In celebration of these farmers’ efforts, we invite you to share
their story and help promote their coffee.

Country Rwanda
Region Northern Province, Rulindo Region
Varieties Bourbon Arabica
Bean Size AA Buliza 15+
Processing Fully washed, sun dried
Harvest March to June
Altitude 1400 to 1900m
500g (Extra Large Bag)