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Rwanda Espresso

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What is it?

Rwandan Red Bourbon, that's what it is ... The most popular and most native bean to the Rulindo Region of Rwanda which has grown wild for over a century. Bourbon beans are known for their deep, buttery chocolate flavors, as well as their sweetness and very light fruit overtones.

Who is it for?

If your on the hunt for a delicate, floral and fruity bean then this could be coffee for you. With a cupping score between 86-90 since 2016 you know its a cup worth celebrating. Perfect for a pour over master to experience the light floral notes or for a brew bar barista on traditional espresso to bring out the more buttery, chocolate notes.


Tony says...

Usually when sourcing beans a cupping score seems unimportant to me personally, I prefer to see, smell, taste and touch beans. I knew from first sight that this was a good quality coffee but the taste was something I was unprepared for. The wow-factor is definitely there and its such a versatile bean.   


Origin; Rulindo Region Rwanda 

Roast; Medium/Dark

Altitude; 1400 to 1900m

Varietals; Bourbon 

Process; Washed, Sun dried

Cupping Score; Since 2016 between 86-90

Tasting Notes; Sweet berry and Almond flavours. Creamy body, good acidity and sweet strawberry and chocolate flavours and citrusy notes of lemon and orange blossom.




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