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NEW; Costa Rica Honey Process

NEW; Costa Rica Honey Process

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Origin; Tarrazu Region Costa Rica 

Roast; Medium

Producer; Richard Valverde

Varietals; Bourbon

Process; Black Honey

Tasting Notes; A citrusy, pineapple and cardamom acidity, with notes of black tea and a creamy body. 


Cerro Dragon is the farm name, and also the name for
the micro-mill where the cherries are processed.
Cerro Dragon Farm is owned by Richard Valverede,
who is the 3rd generation farming this land. Bour-
bon varietals in Costa Rica are known as the “old
varietals” the ones “from our grand-parents”. In 2013
Richard and 4 other neighboring farmers decided to
create their own micro-mill to be able to increase
the value of their work. This coffee is dried for 13
days on African beds with the remaining 50% of muci-
lage (making it a yellow honey). Once it’s dry it rests
for 2 Months before hauling and then going through
weight, screen, density and color sorting.