Monsooned Malabar Indian Coffee

Monsooned Malabar Indian Coffee

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Cup Profile

This coffee has a very special cup: Notes of cedarwood and tobacco. With more or less no acidity.


Legend has it that in olden times, when wooden vessels carried raw coffee from India to Europe, during the monsoon months, the coffee beans would take almost 6 months to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. The coffee beans, exposed to constant humid conditions, underwent characteristic changes.

During this time the beans changed in size, structure, screen size, color and in cup. This uncommon, special, soft cup was given a hearty welcome in Europe. Monsooned Malabar is an essential part of many excellent coffee blends made by specialty coffee roasters. For many of them, it has become a “must have in stock” coffee. Unfortunately, its availability is very limited due to its special treatment.

Country India
Importer Rehm & Co., Berlin
Region Chickmagalur, Mangaluru
Varieties Various
Bean Size 17
Harvest May to June
Preparation Unwashed
Altitude 1000 to 1600m
Roasting Season
September until out of stock
500g (Extra Large Bag)