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Mexican Blend

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What is it? 

This is mountain top coffee, Mexico Finca Muxbal. The name 'Muxbal' means 'the place surrounded by clouds', this plantation is nestled by a 100 meter high rock wall that rises from the Muxbal river, it is an area of rich volcanic soil. This is an earthy, smokey, well balanced bean with a pleasant but not too dominant acidity. 

Who is it for?

Mexican coffee tends to be a terrific crowd pleaser but one that not many know to look for. If its something you have not tried this could be the order for you. Mexican coffees stand out for their ability to carry lots of sweet, chocolatey and nutty flavours on any roast level. 

What Tony says...

The snap of acidity and warm cocoa and slightly spicy notes (cinnamon & clove) get me every time with this bean. It holds a certain smokiness that I love and gives it a real earthy undertone. 

Origin; Union Juariz, Chipas Mexico 

Roast; Medium/Dark

Altitude; 1200-1500m

Varietals; Pacamara, Catuai, Caturra and Mundo Novo 

Process; Washed

Tasting Notes; Dry and balanced with a full body, a gentle sweetness and fruitiness, and a pleasant acidic snap. Notes of warm spices and chocolate/cocoa with earthy undertones.



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