Instanta Boiler Range

Instanta Boiler Range

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Koffy are agents for the full range of Instanta Water Boilers.

Instanta design their products to be reliable and robust and reflect the company's competence and reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of premium beverage and catering equipment in the UK. Their products are independently tested approved to British European standards for EMC and Electrical Safety compliance.

Instanta strive to continuously enhance their products and as part of this, they have introduced a wider CPF range of counter top boilers, which incorporate state of the art electronics, features such as the ECO mode (allowing the boiler to be switched to half-volume during quiet periods), the 7-day programmable timer and our built-in, high flow multi filtration system which reduces bad tastes and odour and inhibits lime-scale build-up.

The Instanta range is huge and there are boilers for wall mounting, counter top, and under counter. Please contact us to enquire further and we will help you choose the right boiler for your requirements.