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Hario Metal Drip Scale - Scales for Alternative Brewing Methods

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We present the latest scales from Hario, a Japanese company. Its beautiful design, perfect precision and reliability make Metal Drip Scale a perfect choice for alternative methods of brewing.

With Hario scales you can easily weigh the beans and poured water, while measuring the infusion time. Its glossy panel with LED backlight lets you see the readings even in the dark. The control is limited to two buttons which makes the scales extremely easy to use.

The new version is equipped with a stainless steel plate which not only looks great but also makes the scales resistant to damage or heat and easy to clean. You can easily detach the plate and wash it separately.

In addition, its rubber feet provide stable position during operation. Another innovation is charging via USB port. 4 hours of charging is enough for 80 hours of work and you do not need to buy any batteries.

Hario Metal Drip Scale changes its accuracy as the weighed mass increases:
Weight Accuracy
0 - 200 g 0.1 g
200 - 500 g 0.5 g
500 - 2000 g (max) 1 g


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