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Guatemala Tenango Estate

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What is it?

Most Guatemalan coffees are known for their medium to full body, creamy or almost buttery texture and lots of sweet cocoa, nutty and caramel flavours. Tenango Estate from Koffy is no exception only this bean has a slightly citrusy kick. The secret behind great Guatemalan coffee is the environment in which its grown. The Acatenango Valley of Guatemala is a volcanic rich area with low humidity, lots of sunlight and cool nights. 


Who is it for? 

This is an all rounder, game changer, people pleaser kind of coffee. Its appealing to many because of its medium body and acidity pleasant chocolatey and nutty flavours that many love in a cup of coffee. As well as that it has an incredibly impressive cupping score of 86.25, making this a hard coffee to dislike. 


What Tony says...

I've been roasting this particular Guatemalan coffee for just shy of a year now and the quality of this bean always astounds me. Its almost got a creamy or honey-like feel, its so intriguing and complex and such a pleasure to roast and to brew.  


Origin; Acatenango Valley Guatemala 

Roast; Medium

Altitude; 1600m

Varietals; Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, Catuai 

Process; Fully washed

Cupping Score; 86.25

Tasting Notes; Dark Chocolate, Almond. Bright sweetness, medium acidity with a smooth creamy fatness. A toffee like aroma with citrusy afternotes. 


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