Franke A800

Franke A800

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Unlimited Possibilities with the Franke A800

Handling the Highest Levels of Demand

Coffee culture is a way of life. Never before have individuals had a greater variety of options and opportunities to enjoy their own unique coffee beverage. There are countless ways to reinvent coffee and no end to the surprises in store. This is exactly why the A800 was created. It can perfect any beverage you could possibly desire. But there’s more to the A800 than that – its ability to deliver uncompromising performance is also part of the package.

Unparalleled Performance

With its triple boiler system and an intuitive operating concept, the A800 is designed to rapidly handle large order quantities. It delivers top performance and can fulfil every beverage desire imaginable thanks to its integrated FoamMaster™ technology, chocolate dispenser, up to three coffee grinders, and an optional Flavor Station.

Discover the Advantages of the A800

A Capacity Heavyweight

Beverages made by the Franke A800

The A800 fully automatic coffee machine is designed to deliver top-quality beverages in high quantities and very quickly. Do you need to brew a perfect espresso, foam some milk, and prepare a hot tea all at the same time? The professional three-boiler system can handle this with ease. The A800 coffee maker with milk frother can deftly handle even the very highest levels of demand.

Game-Changing iQFlow™

An espresso sitting on roasted beans

Up to now, professionals have relied mainly on the fineness of the grind to control the extraction quality. With iQFlow™, Franke have developed an intelligent technology that gives you access to a whole new level of flavor extraction and product consistency.

  • Get More Flavor out of the Beans
  • Define your individual taste profiles
  • Ensure product consistency in every cup, every day, at every location

FoamMaster™: dreamy milk foam quality

Foamed milk on a latte

Fitted as standard, the FoamMaster™ guarantees perfect milk foam every single time, something that is sure to have everyone in raptures.

  • Unbeatable milk foam quality: the consistency and thickness of the foam can be varied, and artistic layers created
  • Outstanding consistency: even at high outputs and under the highest demands
  • Endless creativity: drink combinations with hot and cold milk foam or hot and cold milk
  • Two milk varieties, two parallel refrigeration circuits: ideal for different milk varieties and milk alternatives

EasyClean: Automatic Cleaning System

Cleaning a Franke Coffee Machine

The automatic EasyClean cleaning system is included as standard to ensure that the strictest HACCP hygiene standards are met at all times.

  • Scientifically proven cleanliness: simpler, quicker, fully automatic cleaning for exemplary hygiene
  • Efficient cleaning process: automatic process with manual addition of the cleaning fluid for maximum convenience – safe and practical

Digital Services – Take Control of your Coffee

Coffee Maker Revenue

Raise coffee quality. Improve profits. Enhance experience.

Compatible with any Cooler Option

Franke A800 Milk Coolers

Whether you already have a refrigerator for milk or opt for Franke's 12-litre cooler, the A800 has got it covered. Whatever the setup, the foam quality is exceptional.

More Flexibility

Franke A800 Configuration

The A800 provides even more options for your own individual configuration. A third coffee grinder for your special bean blend? How about adding a flavour-station or a cup warmer? You can add extras to the A800 in stages and Koffy will source and maintain each component for you.

New Display

The Franke 10.4-inch touchscreen on the A800

The new 10.4-inch touchscreen on the A800 invites you to select your desired beverage with the greatest of ease. Feast your eyes on the attractively presented drinks in higher definition than ever and fall in love with the intuitive menu navigation.

Franke S700 Brochure

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