Franke A400

Franke A400

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The new A400: Let’s go Premium Everywhere

With the A400, Franke is bringing the premium technology of its professional machines into a new class. It now makes the most sophisticated coffee experience available to all – including convenience stores, retailers, offices, the hotel industry, book stores, bakeries, etc. Now every business can enjoy the finest coffee.

Discover the Advantages of the A400

The Recipe for Success

Franke A400 Ireland

The new A400 is the product of Franke’s comprehensive know-how and extensive experience. Franke delights connoisseurs worldwide with premium coffee thanks to its:

  • Professional technology: The innovations of the A series set the standard, even in small businesses.
  • Easy operation: Ideal also for self-service, thanks to the interactive touchscreen.
  • The finest milk foam: The FoamMaster™ technology is in a class of its own.
  • Maximum cleanliness, automatically: A fully automatic cleaning system guarantees a safe process and good hygiene.
  • Long-term value creation: The modular, flexible A400 adapts to every challenge.

Innovative User Interface

Franke A400 Touchscreen

The A400 is a smart coffee machine with an 8-inch colour touch screen that creates a dialogue between man and machine.

  • Easily customizable beverage menu: You can change the choice of beverages and cup sizes depending on the season. So guests will be even more impressed.
  • Intuitive menu prompts: The desired beverage can be selected instantly with a simple touch or swipe of a finger. This helps service staff work more efficiently.
  • Generate additional sales: Displaying advertising messages and custom images generates additional sales – and greater success.

Swiss Design: Perfect Right Down to the Last Detail

Franke A 400 Swiss Made

The A400 incorporates the professional technology of the A series.

  • Central unlocking mechanism on the front of the machine: allowing easy removal of the hopper from the front
  • Direct access to the coarseness settings in the ceramic grinder
  • Brewing unit that can be replaced without any tools:
    • For specialty coffees and for a perfect espresso: 43 mm brewing unit
    • For two cups at once and for large cups: 50 mm brewing unit

Clever Cleaning System: A Pure Joy

Franke A400 Cleaning System

Complying with the most stringent hygiene standards is a matter of course for Franke.

  • Integrated cleaning system: minimizes your workload and ensures clean, safe handling.
  • Choose from two dazzlingly clean solutions:
  • CleanMaster: fully automatic cleaning system with integrated cleaning cartridge. For outstanding hygiene Unbeatable simplicity, efficiency, and convenience.
  • EasyClean: automatic cleaning system with manual addition of the cleaning fluid. Perfect hygiene in just a few steps

Perfect Milk Foam: Welcome to Coffee Bliss

Office Cappuccino Maker

  • FoamMaster™ option
    Exquisite, premium-quality milk foam guaranteed at any time –even when high volumes and the toughest standards are called for
  • Milk system option
    Best foam quality (hot milk / hot milk foam), exact dispensing for each beverage
  • Two-Step
    Handy steam wand for foaming milk manually

Modular System: For Complete Flexibility

Franke A400 Modules

Whatever your preferences and requirements: the A400 can be combined and extended with a range of accessories so that you get the perfect fit for your business.

Franke A400 Spec Sheet

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