Finca La Reforma Experiment Lot Coffee
El Salvador

Finca La Reforma Experiment Lot Coffee

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Cup Profile

A coffee that combines both natural and washed processing in a clear and juicy yet sweet cup. With Notes of fresh fig, cashew and sultana.


Finca La Reforma was established by Rafael Alvarez L. in 1892 in the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano. Now, it is owned by Hermanos Alvarez Diaz, the fourth generation from this coffee family. La Reforma is planted with red bourbon variety and is cultivated under native shaded trees which improves and conserves the soil and provides habitation for birds. The excellent growing conditions and the commitment to developing sustainable practices has helped family diaz to harvest the best coffee cherries which are processed at El Borbollon mill which is managed by Eduardo Alvarez, one of the family members.

Country El Salvador
Importer Rehm & Co., Berlin
Region Santa Ana Volcano, Apaneca IIamatepec Mountain Range
Varieties Red Bourbon
Preparation Natural/Washed
Soil Type Sandy loam
Altitude 1350 to 1450m
500g (Extra Large Bag)