Excelso Palermo Colombian Coffee

Excelso Palermo Colombian Coffee

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A floral coffee with honey and molasses notes.


The small town of Oporapa in Huila specializes in the cultivation of coffee. Huila coffees are known for the floral aroma. Juan Fernando Saldarriaga, the owner of Tierra de Cafe, is looking for exceptional coffee in Colombia. His own farm is in the north in Antioquia. Through his own experience in the cultivation of coffee, he can provide his partners with optimal advice and observe the quality.

Country Colombia
Importer Rehm & Co., Berlin
Region Oporapa, Hulia
Varieties Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Castillo
Bean Size 15
Process Washed
Harvest October - February
Altitude 1500 - 1900m
Roasting Season
September onwards
500g (Extra Large Bag)