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El Jaguar Guatemalan

El Jaguar Guatemalan

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Cup Profile

A coffee with notes of almonds, milk chocolate and honey.


“El Jaguar” is a special blend of some of the best coffees that come from the Suchitepéquez region in southwest Guatemala. It is a tropical area with a dense jungle full of natural resources. The area is characterized as very fertile land, which is ideal for growing trees.

Despite the fact that there are no volcanoes in Suchitepéquez, a lot of volcanic material can be found that comes from the highlands on the north side of the area. Erosion and the mountainous soils have resulted in the country's amazing fertility. There are many rivers in this region, all of which flow into the Pacific. The population lives mainly from agriculture, which is very different due to the fertile soil and the different altitudes. Coffee, sugar cane, tobacco, gum and various citrus fruits are grown.

Country Guatemala
Importer Rehm & Co., Berlin
Region Suchitepequez
Varieties Various
Bean Size SHB EP, Screen 16
Harvest November to April
Altitude 1500 to 2000m
Roasting Season
January to July
500g (Extra Large Bag)