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20oz/600ml Teflon Steaming Jug

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Make steaming/foaming milk and latte art with these colourful milk jugs.

The jug features a rounded spout that provides a controlled and accurate pour. This makes the jug ideal for completing delicate designs in your customers' latte and sprucing-up your drinks services. 

A non-stick coating helps to prevent residue from burning on to the jug too - ensuring mess-free dispensing and cleaning! The handle helps to improve stability while pouring and allows for safe and comfortable handling without becoming too hot to the touch.

Made from stainless steel, the jug is resistant to rust, corrosion and impact damage whilst being easy to clean after use - giving you a long-lasting coffee essential that excels in practicality.

Product features

  • Capacity 1l / 32oz
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 280g
  • Colours : Green, Red, Yellow
  • Fine pouring spout for controlled and accurate dispensing
  • Non-stick coating prevents burnt-on residue
  • Accurate spout makes the jug ideal for delicate latte art
  • Hook handle allows for convenient storage and comfortable handling
  • Wide base helps to improve stability and prevent spills
  • Stainless steel construction boasts excellent durability and resistance to rust or corrosion
  • Colourway adds a bold and stylish touch to your drinks services
  • Dishwasher-safe for quick and simple cleaning 


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