Coffee Roasting Northern Ireland
The roasting and blending processes are closely linked. To achieve a round and complex coffee the Master Roaster must have intimate knowledge of the specific characteristics of each estate coffee.

The majority of blends are created from single farm Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon varietals. These are first cupped several times at source, then shipped, cupped on arrival, selected and forwarded to our roastery for further cupping.

Each varietal is individually roasted one sack at a time, using a traditional style drum roaster, where the beans are uniformly heated using natural convection heat. The roast cycle is controlled by the Master Roaster- which explains the term “hand roasted” as he checks samples for colour, minutes before deciding when the roast is complete. As one roast follows another the temperature inside the Drum rises faster, so only a skilled crafts man can accurately adjust the roasting time to produce a consistent uniform flavour profile.

Roasts range from 18 minutes for a mild coffee to 22 minutes for a stronger profile. The hot coffee beans are then released into a revolving drum where cool air is drawn through the beans to allow them to cool slowly for 8 to 10 minutes.

After each varietal is roasted they are then carefully blended together with 2 to 3 other roasted origins to create the award-winning Koffy espressos.

Our espresso blends of whole bean coffees are immediately packed in bags using the latest valve technology. While our filter coffees are taken from the roaster and freshly ground and packed fresh into portion packs– each filter coffee has its own unique grind setting to ensure that its best flavour characteristics are reproduced.

All our packs are dated with the time and date of roasting, as freshness is so important to us. We recommend that you consume our coffee beans within 4 months from date of roasting to enjoy them at their best.