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Colombian Excelso Palermo

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What is it?

Excelso Palermo, a large bean produced in the Huila Mountain region of Colombia.  A diverse landscape of windy valleys, deep rainforests and snowy peaks, all within the one region. Huila is the biggest coffee producing region of Colombia. Its high quality green beans make a well balanced brew that is loved worldwide.  Excelso is the first harvest from the coffee plant, giving it its unique size and taste. 

Colombian coffee is graded according to bean size: Supremo and Excelso beans are harvested from the same coffee trees, but they are sorted by size. Excelso coffee beans are large, but slightly smaller than Supremo coffee beans.

Who is it for?

This coffee works beautifully on many different brews, it makes a sweet filter or a rich espresso. With an aromatic profile its unique flavours will shine through on any brewing method. If you are coffee lover who loves the planet too this is the bean for you, as the final preparation area in Palermo Colombia is almost exclusively run on solar power.

Tony says ... 

Working with this bean is exciting because you know its always impress you, roasting in certain ways bring out certain flavours in the bean. I've found that my medium roast profile brings out its aromatic qualities and gives it a strong syrupy body.

Origin; Huila Region Colombia

Roast; Medium

Altitude; 1500-1800m

Varieties: Various native varieties 

Process: Washed 

Tasting notes: Good acidity, with notes of chocolate, caramel, tropical fruits, peach and cream.



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